Move and Grow with ME&U

With so many choices to make for your students, this is an easy one! We are committed to providing dance education and beyond, giving your students skills for their daily lives.  Our tiny humans often dream of dance, football, or even flying space ships.  With any dream, dance gives everyone a firm foundation and leg up in life! By supporting all students at this beginning stage of life and developing their physical, cognitive, and emotional self, we strive to give them a head start at moving and grooving through life!


What makes ME & U special? This curriculum uses inclusive, fun, interactive themes that enhances dance classes in an engaging way. We all know that dance is good for the body, but did you know there is a growing amount of research that shows dance supports emotional health and even brain development?! And we haven't even talked about social skills yet!  With a focus on whole child education, ME & U takes all the best aspects of a dance class and adds in academic support and life skills.