ME&U Founding Members are a collection of forward-thinking, creative, and effective educators who find real value in the art of movement and its impact on the way children see the world. 

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What is ME&U?

We provide studio owners, educators, and parents with an easy to use, ready made curriculums to engage preschool-aged children in the enriching act of dance and creativity!  Benefits are:

  • Comprehensive easy to follow lesson plans

  • Marketing materials for each months theme

  • Free time to run your studio and/or focus on other aspects of your life!

Move and Grow your Studio or income with ME&U
  • Inclusive, Fun, and Interactive monthly themes.

  • Five research-driven lesson plans for each new theme.

  • Five original coloring pages and five supplemental activities for each new lesson.

  • Ready to use playlists for each month's theme.

  • Membership in an exclusive and supportive Facebook group, managed by ME & U staff.

  • Easy to use social media templates, verbage, and instructions created for you for marketing.

  • A team of 6 for the price of one student giving you more free time and saving you money!

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Why Become A Founding Member?
  • Pay less with monthly payments that are lower than tuition for just one student 

  • Help grow the ME&U movement initiative by providing feedback on lesson plans

  • Be a part of the change by collaborating with ME&U to create a better and more healthy environment for children to learn

  • Because it just makes sense!!

  • Founding Members pay only $35/month for full-access to ME&U lesson plans and additional content for the lifetime of your membership.   You will never be upcharged for new services created by our team.

  • Cancel anytime! However, in order to cancel and later resume with the Founding Members Benefits at any time we require a one year commitment to our Founding Members Program. 

  • Be Special! Only one license per industry is sold in each geological area unless you choose bring someone on board.   For example, you will be the only dance studio to receive a license but a daycare can still join.  The daycare will also be the only daycare in the area with a license in the specified area.